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"Prevention and Healing with Stones" by Karl Stark and Werner E. Meier

"Prevention and Healing with Stones" by Karl Stark and Werner E. Meier

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"Prevention and Healing with Stones" describes more than one hundred healing and adorning crystals and stones, revealing fascinating secrets that date back to Antiquity. Discover your stone of healing, luck and adornment in the kingdom of minerals, learn how to use colors transmitted over the body.

Gemstones require millions of years to grow and have powerful, preventative and healing substances and properties originating in nature. Just like us, animals and plants are part of this world and are matters subordinate to the laws that govern physical phenomena. In the kingdom of minerals lies the primary source of divine creation, the universal life force that gently acts upon us. Stones promote self-confidence, creativity and our own healing powers, giving us vitality, a sense of self-worth and the ability to love.

There have been countless examples and legends for thousands of years about how stones act in a healing and rejuvenating way on men.

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