About Lotus Crystals

Hello, my name is Stephanny Ferreira and I am the founder of Cristais de Lótus .

I am an optometrist by profession and as a primary vision carer I have increasingly observed the need for people to connect with the energies of the Universe.

Since then, I have been taking international courses, namely with my dear master Angélica Lisanty from São Paulo in Brazil, such as the course on Crystal Elixirs, Spirituality and Crystals, Lithotherapy for Personal Use and the Crystal Oracle, currently meeting me to take the Professional Lithotherapy Course.

I have as a great Portuguese author and therapist our dear Master Maria Júlia Duarte who wrote, for me, one of the best books on crystals in our country, "Pedras e Cristais Guia de Uso Terapêutica" by Nascente Editora, from which I was inspired and learned to write the properties of crystals.

I have the first level in Star Reiki directed by Master Ana Tavares, which is where I started in spirituality and connection with the Higher spheres, also the first and second level of Reiki Usui Rioho directed by Master Cidália Eu, but since I was little I have been connected to crystals, even having quite funny stories with them.

I decided to create this website, with all the love and care to offer everyone a choice of the best crystals that exist in our Mother Nature, with a wide variety of specimens.

I am committed to ensuring that your experience in the world of crystals reconnects with the energies of our Mother Gaya, with all the love in our Universe.

A little kiss in your heart, with lots of love

Stephanie Ferreira