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Yellow Calcite Silver Pendant

Yellow Calcite Silver Pendant

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Yellow Calcite is a great stone of elimination, which stimulates the will, being a stone of the solar plexus chakra. Its energy, especially when used in the form of an indirect elixir, that is, not being in direct contact with water as the calcite dissolves, is encouraging.

Facilitating meditation, it induces a deep state of relaxation and spirituality and allows connection with the source of superior spiritual guidance.

Stimulates the superior mind; This Calcite has an extremely expansive energy, helping to balance emotions, as it brings lucidity and clarifies moments of confusion.

Promotes self-esteem, security and shyness.

It should not be cleaned or energized with water or salt, but rather on the selenite stone.

The use of Crystals is a complementary therapy and does NOT replace medical treatment.
Stones and crystals are natural items and vary in shape, size and tone.
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