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"Stones and Crystals - Therapeutic Use Guide" by Maria Júlia Duarte

"Stones and Crystals - Therapeutic Use Guide" by Maria Júlia Duarte

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This is a manual for the therapeutic use of stones and crystals, but it is, above all, the living testimony of the author's long experience in applying them to the treatment of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems of her patients.

With this guide, which aims to guide readers and motivate them to use stones and crystals as healing instruments, you will have access to all the information necessary to begin this therapy.

Here the following are clearly described: the different types of crystals; the way these can balance the chakras; the use of crystals in conjunction with other tools such as the pendulum or mandalas; and a chapter entirely dedicated to lithotherapy. At the end, you will also find a series of useful advice, with crystal prescriptions for the most common problems.

«This work opens the doors of our heart to this knowledge, so let the crystals enter your mind, your heart, on each page, like a sweet discovery, or inner rediscovery.»
Angélica Lisanty , litotherapist and writer
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