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"Crystalline Essences - The Soul of Crystal Elixirs" by Angélica Lisanty

"Crystalline Essences - The Soul of Crystal Elixirs" by Angélica Lisanty

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Since ancient times, man has used nature's resources to maintain his balance and health. The use of crystals accompanies the history of humanity which, through its use of elixirs and essences, aims to seek physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

In addition to knowledge about crystals, this book aims to change the perception of life and behavior so that people obtain better results in their health in general.

In simple language, the author shows how crystals act through their minerals, the same ones that have a chemical function in our body and that act in a person's vibrational field.

In this work, you will learn what the function of crystalline essences is, you will learn about the properties and functions of each crystal, their use in each chakra and the results obtained through the use of crystal elixirs.

Given the author's effective experience, this book contains safe information for the use of essences and elixirs, taking into account stones that do not pose risks in terms of toxicity and solubility.

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