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Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite

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A stone that dissipates negative energy, it acts mainly on the spiritual plane, being powerful in cleaning negative magical energies, combined with protection against spiritual attacks from below, in our home or even at work.

It has a special effect on the Central Nervous System and the Lymphatic System and energetically strengthens the intervertebral discs. It acts as a fortifier for people who feel weak, debilitated or tire easily.

Dispels thought patterns or cords created by domineering personalities. Frees the mind from external energy cords and patterns that are negative.

It brings rejuvenation of the spirit, inner stabilization and a reunion with the true vocation of your soul. Work on self-confidence. Able to protect the person from themselves, their thoughts and self-generated negative vibrations. It breaks with energetic cords that act on emotions, influencing actions and thoughts that were not originally the person's.

This crystal forms polarity with Blue Kyanite, Sword of Archangel Michael. Dispels negative energy, including magical telluric energy. Powerful protector. Sweep away spiritual intruders of negative vibration, old obsessors. It makes the connection with the Earth, where it stabilizes and aligns physical energies, as well as spiritual ones. Attracts LIGHT and drives away evil.

The use of crystals is a complementary therapy and does NOT replace medical treatment.

Stones and crystals are natural items and vary in shape, size and tone.

The price indicated is for 1 unit of the item shown.

Average weight: 40g

Average dimensions:6cm

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