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"Growing Up with Your Years" Deck

"Growing Up with Your Years" Deck

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Presentation of the Author Maria Júlia Duarte:

These letters are for you, little reader, because I know you believe in the existence of angels.

They are an invitation, for you to grow with the Angels at all levels.

Even though you don't see them or touch them, they are very close, comforting your heart, in moments when fears, indecision, lack of health or any other circumstance that you call "less good" worry you.

Never forget that they know everything about you, including what you need, but they wait for you to call them, because they respect your choices.

With this work, I want you to get closer to them and conclude that if you want them, they will be your best company.

The Angels do not judge us, they support us in dangers and above all they want to help us grow in kindness and wisdom so that we can be a luminous being in the light of men and especially in the light of God.

You can call them in the simplest way, just like you call a friend. Your heart will dictate how you should proceed. (...continued in the book)

Consisting of 44 letters and explanatory book

Weight: 170g

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