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25 - Aquamarine in a matrix of Tourmaline Quartz and with Biterminated Quartz

25 - Aquamarine in a matrix of Tourmaline Quartz and with Biterminated Quartz

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Provides mental, emotional and physical balance.

Stone of mental clarity, very calming, which helps to deal with situations in a more positive way, it is also known as the stone of spirituality and sensitivity.

Helps release accumulated emotions in the throat. Reduces stress and pacifies the mind. Very good for calming the heart.

Also indicated to improve vision and voice problems.

It is an excellent stone for children and the elderly.

Tourmaline Quartz

Tourmaline Quartz symbolizes unity and happiness.

Its ability to transmute and purify negative energy makes it a great tool for unblocking the Chakras.

In emotional terms, this is a crystal that reacts very sensitively to people's different emotions. It is good for eliminating tensions and harmonizing feelings, as it increases tolerance and predisposes the acceptance of differences.

Transmits tranquility. It helps you find unexpected ways to better resist the most complicated moments in life.

In spiritual terms, this natural combination of Quartz and Tourmaline is excellent for serving as a guide and protection when we seek to carry out deeper meditations.


This crystal is the great radiator of the seven rays, as it is a source of cosmic force, a source of wisdom in harmony with the Universe. Also known as “rock crystal”.

It is essential in healing because it amplifies the effect of other stones. It balances the emotional side, illuminating our darkest side, clarifying our ideas when solving problems. Transports energy from one chakra to another and aligns the subtle bodies.

It brings lucidity and mental clarity, because it places us on a high frequency, guiding us in our inner search, facilitating the understanding of the issues that affect us in our daily lives.

The use of Crystals is a complementary therapy and does NOT replace medical treatment.

Stones and crystals are natural items and vary in shape, size and tone.

The article presented is a single article.

Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 4.5 cm approx.

Weight: 235g

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