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Super Seven rolled

Super Seven rolled

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This wonderful crystal combines seven minerals in a single crystal, combining the spiritual and protective qualities of Amethyst, the grounding capacity of Smoky Quartz and the energy-amplifying properties of Quartz with Rutile, Goethite, Lepidolcrosite and Cacoxenite.

Crystal that announces the New Age of Aquarius, in which we already find ourselves.

Meditating with this crystal is Celestial and is great for energizing or serving as an ingredient for flower or stone essences, used in distance healing.

The use of crystals is a complementary therapy and does NOT replace medical treatment.

Stones and crystals are natural items and vary in shape, size and tone.

The price indicated is for 1 unit of the item shown.

Dimension: 2.5 -3.0 cm

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